If you’re new to your craft and overwhelmed with organising a photo shoot for your product or portfolio, take the pressure off yourself by having someone else do the work for you, so you can focus on what YOU do best!



Are you a designer needing your work professionally photographed for your website or lookbook?

Let us do the work for you!  We can source you a model, make up artist, stylist and photographer for your shoot, as well as discuss location options and manage venue hire if needed. 

We offer the huge benefit of long time model Joanna Sherwell assisting your shoot with model posing, emoting, creative concepts, and styling. Joanna can either attend a shoot with you or coordinate your team to arrive and work together for a set number of hours. With our years of experience backing up your shoot you’re guaranteed stunning shots and piles of learning!  






Are you a photographer needing a team for a project, or help with the creative direction of your shoot to ensure you get outstanding results?

We can source you a model, make up artist or stylist, as well as discuss location options and manage venue hire if needed. 

You may have a concept for your shoot but are not 100% confident in your ability to direct models, or find that you get so focused on the technical aspects of shooting that you forget to notice tiny details that can make or break a shot: the models hands, head tilt, garment mishaps, or poses that aren’t quite right.

We’ll be your eyes so you can focus on making the camera and lighting do its job, while we focus on making your model do her job and your ideas come to life!  Observing the way we work with models will hugely enhance your learning so at your next shoot you know what needs to be done!  








Packages start at $500. To enquire send us an email with your needs and ideas for a shoot and we'll book a time to discuss your options in depth.



We look forward to working with you!



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Download our QUICK GUIDE TO MODEL POSING to help pose your model and notice all the finer points such as fingers, head tilt, facial expression!