Fashion / Creative Industry Webinars


Our industry webinars improve your career outcomes in photography, modelling, design, make up or styling by teaching you the vital business skills behind successful self promotion in these fields . Webinars are interactive group workshops facilitated online, interactive so you can ask as many questions as you like, and run by our team of industry professionals. They focus on the following elements of successful freelancing:



Skill & Technique - Promotion & Planning - Mindset & Confdence



View the following upcoming webinars to find the one that most suits your current situation. Yoiu may even find a few that fit and for this reason we have a 3-webinar special, see below.








































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Download our QUICK GUIDE TO MODEL POSING to help pose your model and notice all the finer points such as fingers, head tilt, facial expression!

For Photographers  

Photoshopping- What's too little, what's too much?

We regularly come across photographers who've been taught or self-learned basic photoshopping techniques, and then have gone WAY overboard with creative filters and over smoothing, unsure of what's appropriate in the fashion industry. This webinar will show you simple yet impactful techniques that will make your images just pop!  


Directing and Communicating with Models

Directing models is a skill in itself and when you're so busy focusing on the camera settings, lighting, and styling mishaps, it can be easy to forget or be too overwhelemed to communicate what you need from your model. We'll teach you what models respond to, how to articulate what you want, and have you confidently directing models in no time!


Working with industry clients

What are the main points to focus on and implement in your sales process when booking a shoot with a client? We'll teach you how to set up your booking, shoot, and delivery process so you impress upon your clients true professionalism and reliabilty!   



All Industry  

No Limits

Conquer any fear or nerves that get in the way of you mobing forward in the industry. Improve your self esteem, confidence and motivation towards carving out your own creative career. Learn how to set goals like a professional and work towards them in easy to follow steps which fast track success in your biggest goals and dreams.


Self Promotion

Learn how to use online marketing strategies such as industry websites and social media to build your reputation and secure jobs inthe industry. Plus how to promote yourself to others in the industry such as designers, photographers, make up artists, and stylists.





For Models

Overview of the Modelling Industry    

Learn how agency and freelance modelling works and what type of modelling suits your look: High Fashion, Runway/Catwalk, Editorial/Print, Catalogue/Commercial, Lingerie/Bikini, Fit Modelling, Plus Size or Petite, Glamour, or Promotional.


Model Posing

Learn the do’s and dont’s of posing for different types of modelling, how to create different looks with your face and body, and how to highlight your best assets. Workshop includes a mini photo shoot where you get to practice your new posing techniques and receive on the spot feedback.  


Managing your Modelling Career

Manage your modelling career using specially designed tools which make the difference between a professional model and an amateur.  Learn how to prepare for modelling assignments and what to include in your model kit, essential travel tips for models, and personal safety on photo shoots.


Fitness & Nutrition for Models

 Find out which the best exercises to keep you healthy, toned and looking great for modelling, and when and how to do them. Be guided to develop your own fitness plan that fits with your lifestyle and can be implemented straight away. Discover what foods are good for you and which to avoid. Be shown simple recipes that are quick and easy to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, to help you maintain your perfect body for modelling.






Contact us with the webinars you're most interested in and we'll put you on the waiting list as well as send you info on pricing and what to expect. We look forward to connecting with you online!