Mobile Modelling & Deportment Course


 At Model Success we run programs for young girls to build body & self esteem, confidence, personal presentation, and life skills. Although titled the 'Mobile Modelling & Deportment Course', getting your daughter into a career in modelling is not our objective in these programs- if your daughter IS interested in modelling and we think its the right thing for her we'll discuss this with you separate to the course, however the program itself teaches the girls modelling skills that we believe have huge impact on a young girl's self esteem if done in a holistic and supportive envinronment.


We believe there's so much young girls can learn about the health, personal presentation, confidence and maturity that models embody. We take the postive espects of the industry and pass them on to your girls, while teaching them how to overcome and rise above the challenges of female adolescence.


Having been in the industry for many years and seen how other similar programs run, we've put together a unique program that takes the stress out of getting you or your daughter to us.... we come to you!  Read more about our Mobile Modelling Course below. Alternatively we run our  program at our office in Altona, just let us know which you prefer!




For girls aged 12-22 this course runs for 8wks and covers:

•   Girl’s health, nutrition, lifestyle & self esteem

•   Fashion styling (putting funky and affordable outfits together) with clothes provided

•   Etiquette: being graceful when eating, speaking, walking

•   Smart and safe use of Facebook, the internet and technology

•   Beauty & make up lesson with Iridis Cosmetics

•   Presentation skills and practice for personal confidence

•   Posing training and practice photo shoots throughout

•   Catwalk training beginners and advanced

•   The model industry: where to go from here (if appropriate)

•   Final professional photo shoot with make up & hair by professional make up artists

•   All photos included in course fee, sent on cd. Absolutely no hidden costs!

•   Current Working with Children card and Police Clearance










Who's the course for?

Our Modeling & Deportment course is perfect for young girls with an interest in fashion, make up, creativity, developing confidence and self esteem, or improving people and personal skills. It's also perfect for mothers who want to improve their daughter's deportment and etiquette when in social situations, job readyness for a part time teenage job, or confidence and self esteem.

We tailor our sessions to what your daughter, sister, student or friend needs to develop as a happy and healthy young woman. At Model Success we're all about the positive and wholesome development of young girls into resilient and independant young women!



What motivates us to run these courses?

The annual Mission Australia Youth Survey in 2010 reported Body Image as one of the top concerns for young people aged 12-24. Finding this report unnerving, we invested in youth body esteem training program “BodyThink’ and it’s follow on education resource ‘Free To Be Me’, created by The Butterfly Foundation and funded by the Department of Education. We now utilise the training and program in this course, focusing on strengthening young girls’ body esteem by finding one’s unique strengths and embracing all women as beautiful.



How does the 'mobile' Modelling course work?

We run our courses either on site at Model Success Headquarters in Altona in Melbourne, or we come to you and share the sessions across the private homes, school hall, or community centre of your group. This option means we can bring the course to you regardless of where you're located in Melbourne or Geelong, and saves you having to travel far at all for your daughter's weekend activity!

We believe strongly in intimate group dynamics and close one to one mentoring, so our courses have no more than 7 girls. We need a minimum of 5 to run them. So why not tell your school friends, netball team mates, or local girls from your town and get a few friends together for a fun course they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! You may be able to create a little group and share the hosting of our 2.5hr weekly sessions., just let us know your preference.



What to do now?

  • Download our poster above and put it up at your dance classe, community centre, school, or chat to some girls or mums you know  - all you need is 5 girls to book the We Come To You couse!
  • For the On Site course option please contact us with your daughter's name, age and weekend or evening course preference and we'll reply with some upcoming dates.
  • Click the appropriate link below for holding deposit, or get your payment out of the way in full so you can focus on preparing for the course!


We look forward to working with you girls! :-)  








Prices listed are per person.



For questions regarding running our programs at your school, 

or how to book your daughter into a course please contact us :-)





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Behind the scenes and final photos from our programs


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