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Model Management at industry events

Madhu Madjuri Art

Thank you so much for your help and wonderful assistance on wed night. I cant begin to tell you how many people asked who represented the models as people were telling me how lovely they were. Thanks also for managing the three girls from the other agency. The girls looked amazing. Photos are great! Great working with you xo


Clint Kopitke, founder of Body Canvas

A huge thank you to Joanna Sherwell from model success, who's leadership, professionalism and amazing ability to inspire and work as a team back of house, resulted in one of the best choreographed stage shows ever seen. Congratulations on your success!!


Lisa-maree O'Hara, orgainser of Lisa's ACC Cancer Benefit, supported by Megan Gale

Jo your fashion show was incredible, it really added life to the night. The model all looked and walked sensationally. U should all be so proud I feel so privileged to have had your support. I hope u all had a lovely night and am lucky to have had ur there. So glad to have been able to let you get a photo and walk infront of Megan,Gale, was my absolute pleasure to organise for you. Jo, photogs, muas, hair stylists, models, what can I say... your work was absolutely solid rock.


PRO-GLAM Makeup & Hair by Chrisi Tsakiris , Lisa's ACC Cancer Benefit

Congratulations on an amazing and successful night :) You're the best Jo.


Victor Guthrie, artist coordinator Body Canvas 2011

I also want to acknowledged Joanna Sherwell - for her amazing ability on choreography. Because of her the stage came together like clockworks. Her ability to stay focused and calm at moments of turbulence certainly kept the audience entertained.


Sienna Allan, PR manager Body Canvas 2011

Thanks for all your amazing work with Body Canvas.. You are very talented & know how to empower models to bring out the best in them.. Really appreciate all that you have done! X


Megan Webber, model Body Canvas 2011

Hi Joanna! I just wanted to say that body canvas was one of the best experiences ive ever had and it was a privilege to work with you for such a unique event. Words cannot explain what a hell of a difference you made, with you there on the side of the runway and the coaching before we walked on- I would definitely not have felt as confident with myself and my group with our performance for the night without you.

I appreciate that when you were helping us / calming us down right before the runway that you were fully focused on US , not distracted with a million other thoughts (even though you were because the show was underway) It made me feel special and 'not just another model'. Thanks Joanna, I think you're amazing.


Sofia D'Ana, model Body Canvas 2011

Jo, you superwoman. Thank you for such a great experience at Body Canvas and leading up to BC. Your support has been and is still greatly appreciated and I really think you are a great asset for any organisation. Anyone who's had the privilege of working with you, I'm sure, will concur. Cannot wait to work with you again in future. Have an awesome night! xx


Tiarni Lee, model Body Canvas 2011

Congrats on your amazing work at body canvas. Your work with the models showed. They all looked like pro's and it was a great show to watch x


Darcy H, model Body Canvas 2011

Thanks so much Jo, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you.



Model Bonanza Events

Jon Lee, photographer

Fantastic event. Very well organized, great location, good range of models, MUAs and photographers - smoothly and professionally run. Well done Model Success!


Rebecca Sanderson, model

I would just love to say thanks to everyone that I worked with recently at the latest model bonanza event. It's really boosted my confidence and I'm looking forward to all the future opportunities that this experience has brought me. And a big thanks to Joanna, I've made more progress in the past few months in regards to my modelling career then in the past year!


Peta-Gai McLaughlin, make up artist

Just wanted to say I think your business is a brilliant idea and as a fellow entrepreneur, I can really see the value in what you're doing and how you're doing it. I think it's great! And very impressive. 


Naomi Dartnell

I just want to thank JoannaSherwell At ModelSuccess and everyone else who was at the last Model Bonanza event - because of the new photos I have for my folio I am now a contestant in Miss Galaxy Australia 2013, so thank you to everyone for all the tips and my make up/ hair and photos because without any of that I don't think I would of been submitted for a contestant. I have even found a sponsor to cover it all costs for me. So thanks guys!


Renee Nolan, photographer Melbourne

Joanna is nothing but professional and highly regarded in the industry. She is also an amazing model and could recommend countless amazing models that would be reliable and professional. through working with her.


Andy Baful, photographer

I was invited to a shoot by a group of photographers recently and enjoyed it. But it also affirmed my beliefs that your program is still the best out there. The best in terms of providing the knowledge and skill I require to get where I want to be; the best for providing social exposure and interaction between the many facets of photography.


Amity Kate McGuinness, make up artist

So far the networking has been fantastic through your bonanza, I appreciate your help so much! 


Tiarni Lee, model

Congratulations on a fantastic year with model bonanza. What you are doing is fantastic in not only opening up a career path but helping us all have a more positive outlook on ourselves.


Dila Tawn, model

Thank you for giving me the spot on Saturday! To be honest, I almost ran off from the make up chair as I felt a little bit scared, like "wow, these are all super-professionals. I am double the size of the stylists, what am I doing here?!" Thankfully I saw a couple of familiar faces and everyone was so great and the vibe felt very positive :) And I was there to learn and have fun and I gave it my best. Thanks heaps, you are doing a wonderful thing!


Miko Kov, male model

Model Success is a fantastic opportunity for beginners in the field, or those who are just wanting to update their portfolio with a team of professionals. The best thing about it is so many different photographers and all with different styles. So not only are you getting your hair and make up done professionally but you also get the same look in a couple of different styles. Everyone involved is fun and amazing, and you are surrounded with amazingly talented people who make you feel comfortable and belong. This was the first time I've been part of a Model Success events, and i always want to be part of it in the future, that's how fantastic it was! They listen to your ideas in regards to poses, make up and hair... and try and make you look the best you can. Long story short it was WORTH IT and i strongly recommend it to all models, photographers, make up artists, designers who are interested in fashion and creativity!


Kaitlin N, model

For a newbie to the modelling world, what a great first experience the model bonanza was. I feel extremely privileged to have been involved with the very talented Joanna Sherwell and her diverse team of professional photogs, MUAs and models. The creativity of the day is reflected in the images that were produced. I feel it was an extremely unique and worth while event to boost my career in the modelling industry.


Daniel Fisher, photographer

Congrats to Joanna and her team for putting together a great group of models, makes-up artists, hair stylists and photogs all committed to one thing - getting the image! Apart from folio building, this is also a fantastic networking opportunity - I've met models and other photographers that I'll definitely be working with again in the future. A great day.


Chris Smith, photographer

Great fun and really useful! These activities really help with getting practice shooting models in a fashion situation.


Donny Whitton, male model

i was lucky enough to get involved with a Model Success event organised by joanna sherwell and i'm SO glad I did, the day went perfect! The photographers were amazing, as were the MUA's and hairstylists. the location was perfect, and everything went as smoothly as any photoshoot i've done. It was amazing having someone as experienced as Joanna give advice and let us know what we could be doing better; that sort of knowledge of the field is priceless! i would recommend working with Joanna to anyone who is looking to gain insight, advice and experience in the world of fashion. this sort of opportunity doesn't present itself too often, so take it while you can!


Kirsten J Roll, MUA

I had such a good day. It was so much fun and I got alot out of it. Everyone was very professional and the outcome was amazing. The pictures look awesome and I meet heaps of great people. Thanks so much for the experience.  


Michael Finger, photographer

The event re-ignited my passion for portraiture and fashion photography. I met some great people who I expect to further develop valuable relationships with. I’m excited to have been part of this first event. I know this will go from strength to strength and hope to be involved in the future!


Racquel Ferraro, model

Honestly it was wonderful and I would adore to come to the next one! It was a magical day and the photos also turnd out magical!



Model Coaching / Mentoring

Tiarni Lee, 28

I just wanted to give you an update that I am being represented by an agency for television print and promotional work. I want to thank you as I believe you were an intrinsic part of helping get here so far.


Lucy Carter, MUA and model

Amazing shoot today with my super doper model mentor to help!! Thanks joanna xx


Renee, 19  

‘I learnt that modeling begins on the inside and requires more than just the desire to be rich and famous. There are so many resources and aspects of Model Success programs that are perfect for kickstarting your career as a model, it explores all aspects of modeling- body, mind, image etc.’


Hannah, 20

‘Explaining the whole modeling scene and industry makes it more approachable and less daunting, while exposing the dangers and precautions we need to take when heading into this sort of career. I learnt that what I want to achieve is achievable with the right attitude.'


Chev Kelly, 21  

 'The training doesn’t just involve doing a photo shoot, its an all over assessment of your modeling goals and how to achieve them realistically. I learnt how to walk and pose with confidence, and to successfully pull off a certain attitute or style'


Jen, 19

 'It was great learning that modeling is not just posing and catwalk, its more in the depths and business of modeling, how to promote yourself and get yourself out there, as well as the behaviour and maturity of a successful model. it was a lot of fun and I got a lot out of it!'





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