One on one consultation for Model & Fashion Careers  





What is Fashion / Model Career Consulting?

Exclusive one on one consulting in the areas of modelling, photography, design, make up or styling, to help you reach your fashion or modelling goals or those of your son or daughter.  

Sessions are completely focused on you and the unique place you're at with your career. We identify what your next steps are (which are not always the same for everyone), and how to take those steps in the safest and most efficient way by learning from our years of experience in the industry.  

We work with you in a mix of structure and flexibility, giving you access to the most up to date skills in the industry while tailoring our sessions to what YOU want and need to learn. 


How much and how long do sessions go for? 

Sessions are 1.5-2 hours and held either via Skype or on-site at Model Success HQ which feaures a funky and comfortable consulting space, training area, and photo shoot areas for practice.  

Being exclusive and intensive with strong outcomes for your career, we pride ourselves on our unique one on one consulting option. Sessions are $150 each, 3 for $400 and if you'd like to split this with a friend we're fine with that.


How do I register myself or my son / daughter for a session?

Fill out our consulting booking form and we'll reply with suggestions on what we think will be of most benefit to you at this time, and availability of session dates.




      Here's a few topics for which you may want to book a session.       

Pick any or none at all, whatever suits your situation best.




































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Download our QUICK GUIDE TO MODEL POSING to help pose your model and notice all the finer points such as fingers, head tilt, facial expression!

For Photographers  

Photoshopping- What's too little, what's too much?

We regularly come across photographers who've been taught or self-learnt basic photoshopping techniques, and then have gone WAY overboard with creative filters and over smoothing, unsure of what's appropriate in the fashion industry, or just dont have the confidence and creative eye to improve their shots post shoot. Sit with us to help you understand what clients want, and how to make your shots POP without the daunting hours included in high level photoshopping.


Communicating with and Directing Models

Directing models is a skill that needs to be developed and can sometimes take being shown specifically how to do it. When you're so busy focusing on the camera settings, lighting, and styling mishaps, it can be easy to forget or be too overwhelemed to communicate what you need from your model. We'll teach you what models respond to, how to articulate what you want, and have you confidently directing models in no time!   



All Industry  

No Limits

Conquer any fear or nerves that get in the way of your modelling or fashion goals. Improve your self esteem, confidence and motivation towards carving out your own creative career. Learn how to set goals like a professional and work towards them in easy to follow steps which fast track success in your biggest goals and dreams.


Self Promotion

Learn how to use online marketing strategies such as industry websites and social media to build your reputation and secure jobs inthe industry. Plus how to promote yourself to others in the industry such as designers, photographers, make up artists, and stylists.


Working with industry clients

What are the main points to focus on and implement in your sales process when booking a shoot with a client? We'll teach you how to set up your booking, shoot, and delivery process so you impress upon your clients true professionalism and reliabilty.

For Models

The Modelling Industry and how to get into it Great for young models or parents who need advice on what photos to put in a portfolio, whether to have it printed or online, which agencies to approach, and when is the right time to do so.

Learn how agency and freelance modelling works and which of these is best for you, and what type of modelling is best for your look based on your height, age and body shape.

Learn how to prepare for modelling assignments, what to include in your model kit, and personal safety on photo shoots.  


Model Posing

Learn the do’s and dont’s of posing for all the different types of modelling, how to create different looks with your face and body, and how to highlight your best assets and hide your weaker ones (we all have them!). Sessions on posing inlcude practical experience in front of the camera and real time review of how your look and what to adapt in your posing.


Managing your Modelling Career

Let us help you manage your model career using special tools designed by our own long term model Joanna Sherwell when she was modelling, which make the difference between a professional model and an amateur. 


Catwalk and the runway side of things

Learn not only the walks and turns of professional runway modelling but how the fashion show industry works. This type of modelling is different to photo shoots and takes a certain kind of model to want it, be able to handle it, and become known and re-booked as a runway model.


Fitness & Nutrition for Models

You may already be healthy and fit but just need to tone up certain areas or learn how to keep healthy, toned and looking great for modelling,. Be guided to develop your own fitness plan that fits with your lifestyle and can be implemented straight away. Discover what foods are good for you and which to avoid. Be shown simple recipes that are quick and easy to prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, to help you maintain your perfect body for modelling.