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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's



Why are the prices different for Photogs, Models, Mua's, Designers, Stylists?

We've created a different pricing structure for the events because each type of professional who attends- photogs, models, make up artists, stylists and designers - is different. The photogs receive a workshop and one on one tutoring from an active industry photographer, get to experiment with different lighting and areas to shoot, and enhance their portfolios more than they may be able to over months of working with individual models.

The models also receive professional direction and enhance their portfolios however they are still somewhat 'the model' for the photographer as opposed to directing the shoots to exactly what they need for their portfolio and experience. Models are also usually young and either students or working, so we allow for their registration price to be lower to help them get established.

Make up artists, stylists and designers receive a huge array of shots for their portfolio, the active networking on the day and after events, and full catering, however we aren't currenlty able to fit in a workshop for them so we've discounted their fee substantially, essentially they pay for their catered lunch and expenses for the venue/location, but receive everything else free.

We welcome students of all five disciplines who wish to expand their skill base, learn from people active in the industry, and develop their portfolio in a highly professional setting!


Why isn't it free like a normal TFP shoot? 

Our events are professionally planned and cost us money to run. We source stunning shoot venues and pay substantial venue hire to give you the opportunity to shoot in locations you wouldn't normally get access to, staff fees as we pay industry photographers, models and make up artists to provide exclusive mentoring for you on the day,  and are fully catered so all you have to focus on the for the day is your creative work! 

So although these events are TF in the sharing of images, they are a cut above a quickly organised TF shoot where your results and the people you work with are a risk to say the least.    

When you register for a Bonanza event you're paying for a quality, results driven, fashion industry event and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!    


What's the objective of the events?

Model Bonanza events are the quickest and most powerful way for industry professionals, either new or experienced, to update their portfolio in a creative and buzzing environment, in carefully selected Melbourne locations, with hand picked industry collaborators!

For models the chance to shoot with several photographers, covering different looks, and have posing direction from a professional model all in one day and at such an affordable price is invaluable... a model could spend months doing TF shoots to build her portfolio, end up with hundreds of shots which aren't really usable, and receive very little training or direction at all. This full day event speeds up that process immensely!

For photographers the chance to shoot six models in one day with different looks each, in sought after Melbourne locations and with direction from a well known photographer is an opportunity that is extremely rare in the industry. As well as this we all know that getting even one reliable good model can be difficult, so working with six professionally trained models is a huge plus!

For MUA's, stylists and designers you may have found you spend all day on a shoot with one or two models, the waiting periods are frustrating, not to mention the amount of focus on the photographer's aim of the shoot' as opposed to the shots that you need for your portfolio. With Bonanza events you work with models to a facilitated schedule and complete 6 looks over one day. Plus you're exposed to over 20 industry people which greatly enhances your chances of securing further work in the industry!


Who are the events for?  What sort of people attend?

The models who attend our events are either our clients who are receiving mentoring and training from our Model Coach Joanna Sherwell, freelance models who want to update their portfolio to attract higher paid jobs or approach an agency, or agency models who want the extra experience and networking the events provide.

Photographers who attend are either exerpienced and established professionals and enjoy the creative collaboration of our events, or photographers wanting to enhance their skills by observing how our guest photographers work, and experiementing with different styles, models and locations.

MUA's, stylists and designers who attend like the creative freedom they have at our events- in collaboration with the models and photographers they are able to experiment with styles and looks they may have visualised but not had the opportunity to try in an industry setting, and they then use these shots to expand their own portfolio.

We work very hard to get a good balance between these varied interests.


How often and where are the events held?

The events are held every 3-4 weeks and on a 6mnth rotation of: secluded beach, professional studio, Montsalvat, antique warehouse, urban landscape and farmyard. This means each of these locations will be featured twice over one year so if you missed one your saw posted recently, just email us your interest for the next one!

We also regularly scout new locations so if you'd like to suggest one we're more than happy to


Will I have a say over what poses, lighting, outfits, make up etc are used on the day?

Yes! Our events are all about collaborating on an equal level and trying things you may not have had the chance to experiment with on other industry assignments. We highly encourage all our attendees to speak up, suggest and try things, and push themselves out of their comfort zone to see what's really possible when you put a bunch of creative and passionate people together in one space.We have a set way that the events are run, but the actual creatie brief is up to you and your team!


What happens with my images after the event?

After the event all images become TF between parties and are made available to everyone involved in your event via online file sharing system Dropbox, and credited professionally.  Each photographer signs a form stating they will provide 5 edited shots of each model, so with 6 photographers you will end up with anywhere from 30 high resolution, portfolio ready shots!

We also request a sample of the shots from the day so we can promote you on our site and other pages.


Can I bring a friend?

Assistants and parents are welcome however as we pay venue hire and catering per head we are required to charge a small fee for them to attend, so our costs are covered. Please click here for full pricing info.

We'd prefer partners of models not attend unless they have alot of experience assisting at photo shoots, as this can make it difficult for the model to work at your 100% focus.


Can I come to the event to check it out before I actually sign up?

We don't allow onlookers to the events as this interrupts the flow of the day, and we prefer everyone who attends to be a registered part of the event and have been chosen by us for specific reasons. If you'd like to find out more about the events before you commit to attending please view our  Action Shots, and  Final Images to see what goes on at the events, or  contact us with any questions you have.


Location / Disclaimer note:

Some locations used for events are in a dilapidated state such as abandoned warehouses or old farm barns, and although we believe you have no need to be concerned about your safety you will be asked to sign a disclaimer when you arrive that you will take full responsibly for your own safety on the day, and will act as responsibly as possible. 

This disclaimer will also point out that some locations do not openly advertise public access, so in the case of any persons making a complaint the shoot will either be moved, postponed or stopped all together. Any further action as a result of events being on these properties is not expected, however signing a disclaimer on the day will ensure that Model Success is not liable for your own entry of the property. If you have any issues with these two points disclaimer points please let us know prior to the day.








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