I just wanted to give you an update that I am being represented by an agency for television print and promotional work. I want to thank you as I believe you were an intrinsic part of helping get here so far. 



Amazing shoot today with my super doper model mentor to help!!  Thanks joanna xx 



I learnt that modeling begins on the inside and requires more than just the desire to be rich and famous. There are so many resources and aspects of Model Success programs that are perfect for kickstarting your career as a model, it explores all aspects of modeling- body, mind, image etc. 



Explaining the whole modeling scene and industry makes it more approachable and less daunting, while exposing the dangers and precautions we need to take when heading into this sort of career. I learnt that what I want to achieve is achievable with the right attitude.'  Chev Kelly, 21   'The training doesn’t just involve doing a photo shoot, its an all over assessment of your modeling goals and how to achieve them realistically. I learnt how to walk and pose with confidence, and to successfully pull off a certain attitute or style'  Jen, 19 'It was great learning that modeling is not just posing and catwalk, its more in the depths and business of modeling, how to promote yourself and get yourself out there, as well as the behaviour and maturity of a successful model. it was a lot of fun and I got a lot out of it!



Joanna impressed me instantly with her professional manner and knowledge. She is extremely easy to speak to and friendly. Something I had worried about previously in regards to coaching was that there would be lots of silences down the phone- but there was none. Joanna motivated me, challenged my inner beliefs and helped me find ways to overcome my obstacles. During our coaching sessions I found out alot about my inner self and really began to believe in myself, something I had always had trouble doing. Joanna put in 150% and treated me like a friend more than a client. I am really grateful to her for all her help. Thanks Joanna!  



I have a new job and I have Joanna to thank for helping me gain the confidence I needed to shine! As well as this, having undergone some extensive changes over a few years due to personal issues, I was left with a sense that I was treading water in life. While things were going well overall, I really didn’t have any direction or know what goals I truly wanted to pursue. Joanna helped me articulate my core values and assisted me to become aware of how they act as a guide in life. Our sessions were a delightful experience and I found Joanna to be a warm, open and very wise person.  



Thankyou Joanna for the wonderful coaching sessions. I found your empathetic listening enabled me to see more clearly the areas I'd been stuck on. Your perceptive & heartfelt understanding showed me new possibilities & solutions. I deeply appreciate your commitment to assisting others toward their own empowerment. 



Coaching is a great way to bring out the best in you by realizing what you want in life and how to achieve it. To understand that with support of a mentor who is eager to listen to you and support you along the way many great things are achievable. Coaching is an incredible way to change your life for the better. It is a great way to discover your potential, knowing what is possible and enjoying the new changes that happen along the way.  



Coaching with Joanna was an amazing, life changing experience. She knew the exact moment to probe and then give time for me to come up with answers. She has a calm soothing style, which really helped to settle quickly into each session.   



I was amazed by how well Joanna both asked questions and listened to my answers, and with very little effort, She turned what I said into answers to blocks I barely realized had been holding me back. She provided the space to connect with and express my inner most desires and challenges, and then the stimuli to make progress with them. Overall a very positive experience.    



I have always believed that in order to be successful in life you require a good coach. I was lucky enough to have been put in touch with Joanna because not only did I find her down to earth and someone that I could relate with, the coaching sessions have allowed me to transform my life and to gain a definitive purpose in achieving every one of my dreams! Thank you Joanna, and I look forward to achieving much more success with you.      









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